Naoto Kikuchi

Naoto Kikuchi

Dealer Principal

Heart In Diamond, Japan

We feel really worthy of the diamonds we are selling.

Naoto Kikuchi

Since we began our partnership in 2006, we have been privileged to provide Japanese customers with the extraordinary Heart In Diamond range.

The Heart In Diamond Company employs the highest levels of technology in their creation of man-made diamonds and each and everyone of their staff are intimately involved in the creation process.

After delivered so many Heart In Diamonds to so many satisfied customers in Japan, their collective response has made us feel really worthy of the diamonds we are selling. Overwhelmingly our customers feel a source of power associated with the diamonds in which they follow their lives in a positive manner.

Heart In Diamond is a unique way to express peoples’ feelings about someone important to them, and we feel confident that we can offer this great diamond to Japanese customers in the future.